So what? You failed your finals. You gained some weight. So what? You’re single again. You lost your job. So what? What now? You live. You try again. That’s what.
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I’m very much a woman’s woman and I used to be uncomfortable about that for a long time. What I mean is, women are more drawn to me and my energy and my space than men are (and I used to think ‘oh maybe because I’m unattractive or boring’) but now I fully recognize how beneficial that is because for the most part my space is a safe place with warm and embracing people, I fully welcome it. 


It’s so interesting to me that when Beyonce said “bow down bitches” people flipped shit, but when a song came out like “these hoes ain’t loyal” no one really said anything. And what I’m really trying to say goes further than the basic level of double standards that are faced not only in society in general, but in music.

It’s clear that Beyonce’s use of “bitches” was speaking to a specific group of people who had been disrespecting her. Whenever she does a clean version of the song, she omits the word completely. However, in listening to a clean version of “Loyal” instead of saying “hoes” they say “girls” or “things.”

Whenever a woman becomes offended by songs like “Loyal” many want to say something along the lines of “well if you’re not a hoe, then you shouldn’t feel offended,” or “they’re talking to a certain type of woman.” However, it’s extremely telling of how these specific type of men view women when they can use “hoe” “girl” and “thing” interchangeably.

I got this run-on anonymous message from a “friend from home” that talked all this shit about how “I’ve changed”

but I deleted it accidentally so now I have to reply here boohoo

1. I don’t have any friends from my hometown. I have a few acquaintances, but no friends. I’ve explained why previously.

2. I hated myself freshman year so I don’t understand why changing would be a bad thing. I’m a ridiculously strong person now thanks to Syracuse & my approach to my education here. There is a lot of power in coming to terms with that strength - strength that I would have never gotten from a school close to home.


Shiona Turini may have just won Fashion Week with her shirt. 


Shiona Turini may have just won Fashion Week with her shirt. 


Today in Solidarity: Family of Mike Brown join protesters outside of STL Courthouse, demanding the immediate arrest of their son’s killer, Officer Darren Wilson.

The grand jury has yet to charge Darren Wilson with anything. Mike Brown’s killer is still a free man, being paid by the taxpayers of the very community he’s terrorized. #staywoke #farfromover


When little black girls, especially little black dark skin girls, enter this world it is very clear, the rules are made very aware, who is beautiful, and valued, and who is not. Simply because we are black, simply because we are not white, we are deemed inferior, unintelligent, and ugly. 

You would rather paint your white women brown, then dare allow a black woman exist and be deemed as beautiful. It is not our place to be called beautiful unless there is a catch, unless there is an asterisk. “You’re pretty!*” 

*for a black girl 

You will spend money tanning, but call black women monkeys and ‘dirty’, our hair styles are ghetto, till your magazine has a step by step tutorial on how to achieve the same look, so it’s not ghetto, it’s just ghetto on us. It ‘works’ on you. 

We are taught certain rules when we are young, ‘You look so much prettier with straight hair!’ ‘Oh, thank god she light skin,’ ‘Don’t stay out in the sun you’ll look burnt,’ ‘Yeah but that hair isn’t professional-‘ 

We are taught to hide, to assimilate, to be close to whiteness because whiteness is acceptable and we are not. We get these rules as children. So to grow up, learning and adapting to these rules, and then seeing white people praised for stealing our culture, our dress,

if a photo of us dressed like that appeared on the news, people would say any injustice we faced, was deserved, ‘look at them, dressed like that.’

But you can wear it, freely, without judgement, without risk. No one would say you deserved to die. No one would give your killer half of a million dollars, as basically a congratulations, a pat on the back, for murdering you. 

Just our natural being is a threat to you, we are born villains to you. We possess this great threat, but at the same time, you look down on us, expect us to be stupid, low class, dirty… we are not on your level, you still see us as your servants in your culture, but pretend to be the gods in ours. 

It’s confusing. It’s confusing to be a black woman, to be made a joke, and all the punch lines, our hair, skin tone, lips, body… you try to imitate, but it’s not that, it isn’t, it’s our very existence that’s a joke to you. And if you are white, and reading this, and offended, 

Fuck you. 

Fuck you, fuck your whole ancestry line, and fuck your future generations. 

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